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Organizers: Paul Pagel, skim ., Mike Jansen

May11Fri 12:00PM

8LU: "For All Without Discrimination." Panel Discussion: Women and Programming

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Speaker: Doug Bradbury

In week 2 of Gender, Ethnicity, and Programming, we'll be joined by several women programmers in a panel discussion. We will explore the panel members backgrounds, and learn about way in which men and women approach programming differently.

Panel Members:

Sarah Gray, co-founder of Mercury App

Francesca Slade, engineer at Google

Stephanie Briones, 8th Light's first female Craftsman

Sue Kim, an 8th Light resident apprentice


8th Light

656 W. Randolph St. Suite 5E
Chicago, IL 60661

Who's Coming

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    • Kevin L.
    • Eric M.
    • Skim ..
    • Kathleen M.
    • Conrad W.
    • Patrick G.
    • Dave M.
    • Eric S.
    • Doug B.
    • Steven D.
    • Alex S.
    • Brian K.
    • Francesca S.
    • Ginny H.
    • Eric K.
    • Colin J.
    • Ben V.
    • Li Hsuan L.
    • Brian P.
    • Sue K.
    • Walter F.
    • Nick M.
    • Craig D.
    • Stephanie B.
    • Justin H.
    • Chris P.
    • Josh C.
    • Jim S.
    • Michael B.
    • Angelique M.
    • Micah M.
    • Dariusz P.
    • Angeleah D.
    • Myles M.
    • Ryanne B.
    • Ya Wen H.
    • Andrew D.
    • Mike E.
    • Eric M.
    • Kathryn I.
    • Meta B.
    • Melissa P.
    • Brit T.
    • Pallavi A.
    • James L.
    • Valerie C.
    • Ilana M.
    • Emily E.
    • Laura S.
    • Alfonso R.

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