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Organizers: Paul Pagel, skim ., Mike Jansen

Sep28Fri 12:00PM

8LU: Understand all the Things! Recipes for Responsive Feedback

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Speaker: Josh Cheek

When trying to learn new languages, I find myself frustrated with how difficult it is to get feedback in these foreign environments.

They are all inferior compared to the tricks I've discovered and honed for soliciting feedback in Ruby. Tricks? More like gold nuggets! In this presentation, I will share that wealth.

We'll hit the command line, git, pry, docs, rubygems, patterns for certain situations, and more!

You'll learn how to understand your context; figure out what that gem is doing and how it works; streamline common processes; and generally answer your Ruby questions quickly.

But don't fret, much of this information will be useful even if you aren't using Ruby, and much of it will have an equivalent in your environment.


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